EcoTraction – 2.27kg

  • All natural volcanic material that grips into ice
  • Provides superior traction – prevent slips and falls
  • Non-corrosive
  • Pet and lawn friendly and safe to touch and the environment
  • No working temperature limitations like salt and ice smelters
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What is EcoTraction? It is manufactured from a hydrothermal volcanic mineral, and is a member of a group of minerals that geologists call “EcoTraction”.

It was formed as superheated mineral-rich water, circulating in areas of volcanic activity, which crystallized and was deposited in small “vesicles” or holes within massive sequences of lava and other rocks.

This process takes millions of years. Over time, a porous, negatively-charged, high surface area mineral formed with unique characteristics that make it a highly-effective traction agent that has environmental benefits. Each granule has microscopic channels that absorb the slippery layer of water found on ice, which allows it to quickly embed itself into ice and snow. That coupled with each granule’s large surface area, multiple contact points, and rigid structure, makes it the ultimate traction agent for slippery winter walkways and driving areas.

It is the only product to provide instant grip during dangerous freezing rain storms.

Our research showed that one cup will safely cover one average parking space (144 square feet area), making this the most cost-effective solution on the market. It is superior to other traction agents like sand or cat litter for several reasons:
1) 35% better traction than sand using less
2) Tracks less due to embedding power
3) Softer stone than sand
4) 50% lighter than sand
5) Does not contain carcinogenic crystalline silica dust like sand
6) Cat litter has bentonite clay and eventually turns to mush on snow or ice.

Does it melt ice and snow? No. At most, our granules will naturally turn dark green when absorbing any moisture, will absorb solar radiation and heat up enough to help melt into the ice. We recommend sweeping any leftovers and re-using it year-round for other common household applications.

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